Monday, January 9, 2012

cross posting: Astology Spotting

Cross posting again! 

This post has great personal interest for me.  Born and raised in one Christian denomination, I married into another, which inspired a very intensive study, comparing, contrasting, trying to resolve the differences in the stated theologies of these denominations.

This was before I reached the point where other avenues became viable (and not forbidden) pathways, and I went totally out of that ballpark…..

… this was all going to be the subject of a future post, and it will be, in greater detail. 

But I love this blogger’s photographic documentation of astrologic symbols, incorporated into a church structure.

I will quote her opening line and then simply let you follow the link:

I don't want to go into how astrology was once accepted by the church and now it's shunned.    However, I do want to share some visual evidence of their union once upon a time.”

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