Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Cross Posting: The BIGGEST Thing We Have to Fear is Fear Itself

Fear is an issue that I have mentioned in a few of my posts.  Fear (could that be equated to lack of faith, lack of confidence in the universe?)  sometimes paralyzes me into a state of inaction that does nothing to improve current circumstances.  And sometimes, it actually serves to worsen them.

Fear is one of my worst enemies.  I have come face to face with this fact in this new year, and have undertaken to battle this foe, to banish it.  Or, at the very least, to lessen its power over me, because from time to time it does serve useful cautionary, warning purposes.  It has  its place, as long as it doesn’t control you.

It’s like a guard dog, that should bark to alert you of strangers and prowlers.  But never let the same dog learn that it can bark AT you to influence your actions.  Or put you in the corner.

Perhaps fear is an instinctive reaction during these dark days of winter, but, I resolve anew to not let fear create any more negative thought forms in my life, to weaken me physically, emotionally, mentally; to rob me of personal energy and power.  I need to put another kind of energy out there!

This fellow blogger says it so well, and her posting came today, at a time when I so needed to hear this lesson.  Please do check out the rest of her blog. Go to:

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