Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Tuning In to the Energy of the New Moon

Ok, so, I’ve been plugging along this month.  I made resolutions/intentions/goals (whatever you want to call them).   I’ve made some good efforts, hit some stumbling blocks, picked myself up, and carried on.

My goals and intentions are not frivolities – they revolve around very real needs my family faces.  And so my goal for this month was to harness the energy of the practical Capricorn sun, to focus and work on the things that needed doing.  Because, my Puritan ancestry keeps whispering to me “God/Goddess helps those who help themselves.”

Well, I have done pretty good at that.  There has been some difficult stuff I needed to attend to, that was so overwhelming I became real good at avoiding it.  Especially over the holidays.  Beginning in January, I broke the big things into smaller tasks, with the idea I would do at least one unpleasant thing a day.  I haven’t been perfect. But, I have been better, so that I do feel more on top of some things, and less overwhelmed and out of control.  Thank you, you old goat Capricorn.

But, despite these efforts, I am not where I wanted to be, hoped to be.  Some goals remain yet unrealized, some needs not yet fulfilled.    And so now, a bit less than a week before an upcoming new moon, I am reviewing what I’ve done so far this month, what I need to change, what I need to aspire to.

The new moon every month represents a new chance, a new beginning, a new energy.  The waning moon also represents an opportunity:  what’s not working, what do I need to eliminate, so that something better can take its place.  If the need is great, my personal practice is to spend some time reflecting, reassessing what is not quite right, and then carry out  a working of elimination during the three days prior to the new moon.  And then to do some kind of observance just after the new moon to hopefully kindle the onset of changes I hope to realize in the weeks to come.

I will be doing that this new moon cycle, because things didn’t open up the way I’d hope they would.  But I do already have some thoughts, as to why they didn’t.

I did very well setting out the practical (Capricorn) things I needed to do. Actions that would negate some of the negatives.  What I didn’t do, although I had intended to, was to rebuild a plan for what positives would take place of the negatives.

In other words, I did not spend time visualizing and breathing life into the future form of my life. 

A few years ago, I was exposed to, and did practice for some time, a Hawaiian form of magic called Huna.  This is an over simplified representation, but it entails creating a vision of your future desired state (what I called, “my castle in the clouds”), and then sending positive energy to that vision each day.  It’s a long term, day to day endeavour (something impatient Geminii’s like me are not good at).  But, I did practice this for several months, and I do believe there were some opportunities realized because of this.

So at the beginning of this month, I did some hard and necessary practical work, but did not accompany that with visualization for the future.  The new moon represents an opportunity for me to do this, and begin the cycle anew.

One thing I have begun to become aware of, is that the energy of each New Moon ( and Full Moon) is subtly affected by which astrological sign it occurs in.  Each sign is going to put a specific flavor on each new and full moon.  This is a fairly new awareness for me, one I am still learning about.

And so, we have  new moon, on January 23, in the sign of Aquarius.  What are its energies?

One thing I’ve read, is that the energy is influenced by which house the moon is appearing in, in your natal horoscope.  Well the moon in my natal horoscope is in the 5th house, the house of pleasure???

I am so totally confused.  I have all these practical needs that need to be addressed, and the new moon energy is in my house of pleasure? 

Something does not add up here. I am not asking for a free reading from the astrologers in my audience but if you could just throw me a clue.  I’ve had a professional natal chart done before:  Sun:  Geminii    Moon:  Sagitarrius   Ascendant:  Cancer.

Is the universe telling me I am working too hard? Well that would be a bit of a joke.

Any hoo.  (She shakes off, like the pups do when they come in from the rain.)

The waning moon still represents  the opportunity to weed out the things that are not working, so at the beginning of next week, we can initiate another fresh cycle of positive change.  In one way or another…. That’s what I’ll be doing!

I will be focusing on using the energies of the Universe, by appropriately aligning myself, and my activities within them.  And at the same time attending to what I need to do in the world of form to affect positive change.

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