Monday, January 23, 2012

Cross Posting: The Story of Dog

I found this today at No Unsacred Space and I have to share....

See, my familiars are dogs.  I like cats - I've owned cats - but I really am more of a dog person.  I put my kids through much embarassment by going gaga over their friends' family dogs, on the sidelines of their sports events.  I was hopeless.  I had to get a dog.... and I've had a canine companion ever since.

My current canine family are two Jack Russells, now about 18 months old.  All my friends who are at the same stage of life (empty nesters or about to be) shook their head when I brought the pups home, one week before my youngest when off to college. What can I say?  I still had a need to nuture....

They are great dogs.  Yes, they have plenty of energy, but they ensure I get regular exercise and they are so comical.  You cannot not smile when they are around.  As bleak and tough as things have been from time to time, they help me see the good things in life.  And always, there is their unconditional love.

Yes, I am a full bore dog person.  I've done the dog show thing, now I am doing performance events.  Training my dogs is a joyful thing in my life.  They get the best of care.  My daughter says I feed them better than most people eat...  (See my previous post about canine diets).  And I have a friend who says that when she dies, she wants to come back as one of my dogs.

So you see why I simply had to cross post this piece by Juniper Jeni.  Its The Story of Dog

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