Thursday, January 26, 2012

Magick Bridges

What happens when a favorite shop closes, only to reopen just a few miles down the road from you?

You get happy, that's what!

I had found this neat little shop in Portland, several years ago.  I was never a big spender there, but I appreciated it simply being there.  I went there to absorb its unique atmosphere as much as to pick up a few books, candles, and other things here and there.

It moved a couple of years ago, to a location a bit more out of the way for me.   And with gas the way it is, I did not often make a trip there, unless I had other reasons to be in the area.  Then, last fall, the shop closed.   But in January it reopened, under a new partnership, new name, and a brand new location.  I finally got the chance to go to Magick Bridges today.

I was not disappointed.  They had some of my favorite stuff... and I did spend a few dollars.  The new place has a nice atmosphere and a good energy.   Not the same as the original shop - but then again, staying the same is not always what we're supposed to do.  I liked their new place, and I'll be back there over the weekend. 

Wishing every success to Magick Bridges, because it's really nice having them so close by!

1 comment:

  1. I. love. Maine.

    Did I mention I love Maine? You lucky duck. You double lucky duck for getting a great store plunked down in your neighborhood... in Maine.